Our Virtual Experiences

Fun experiences for teams of any size. No set up required.

Escape Rooms & Adventure Games

All games include a recommended team size, but can be altered to fit teams of any size upon request.

Stranded: Escape Planet X

15 minutes of unforgettable exploration, puzzles, and collaborative games that will bring your team together. All for $5 per person.

Space Defenders

As part of an elite group of Space Defenders, your team uses ancient power crystals to keep the universe safe. Great for large teams to all collaborate together.

Ghosts of Craven Manor

You and your family of ghosts took up residence in Craven Manor, but the neighbors have had enough, and hired an exorcist. Stop him from evicting you from your haunt!

The Dark Tower

Choose a path and use your creative instincts to stop a dark sorcerer from completing his foul ritual, dooming the land of Seradel.

S.P.I.E.S. Against C.R.I.M.E.S

Become new recruits at the top international spy agency and stop evil organization C.R.I.M.E.S. from destroying the world.

Murder Mysteries

Deadly Dining: A Comedic Mystery

Chef Connor E. Sewer was found dead in the dumpster! Everyone plays a role in this hilarious mystery. Which of you is the murderer?

AI Assassination

You are a passenger aboard the Space Ship Vacation Vessel when the captain was found murdered! Work together to find clues and find the mysterious killer.

Holiday Events

Saving Scrooge: A Holiday Haunt

You are spirits of Christmas Yet-to-Come, tasked with showing Scrooge the meaning of Christmas—but he’s putting up a fight!

The Cookie Chef Conundrum

Solve the case of the holiday cookie murder! Ask each other questions, and discover which among you is the murderer!

Workshops & Development

Escape Room Building Workshop

Learn to build at at-home escape room from a professional! Everyone will walk away having made a custom game to share with friends.

Retention & Engagement Development Program

Build your team’s engagement and retention in our customized program. Get an action plan to keep your team functioning at its best.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Ice breakers. Educational workshops. Interactive game shows.

Our team of professional designers can build you a unique custom game. Whether your goal is improved communication, camaraderie, employee retention, or just having fun, our personalized events are a perfect fit.

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