The Cookie Chef Conundrum

Play A Role. Solve A Holiday Mystery.

World-renowned holiday cookie Chef Connor was found dead during the frantic holiday season! Now it’s up to you to solve the case of the holiday cookie murder! Ask each other questions, solve puzzles, and find which of you is the murderer!

Every player choses a scripted role and works together to solve the mystery. In addition to uncovering each other’s secrets, players will need to solve escape room-like puzzles together. What hidden messages are hidden in the cookie dough? What color hat was the chef wearing when? And is that red stain blood, or is it just frosting?

Many puzzles and characters are reimagined from our fan-favorite murder mystery Deadly Dining. The murderer and clues will change every time this game is played!

Players are provided with digital note-taking tools and a live host, to help them find the killer with many laughs along the way. This farcical, light-hearted murder mystery allows all players to actively participate and work together.

Each player will actively use their own computer to maneuver objects and solve puzzles. If this is not possible for your group, contact us so we can set up alternate arrangements ahead of time.

All players are provided with a video call room via a platform of your choice to facilitate the game.

We have 45, 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute games available for groups of all sizes

Groups larger than 22 people may be split into smaller groups unless requested that everyone stays in the game group. You can tell us how you would like to split up your team, or leave it to our best judgement.

Playing with multiple groups? The clues and murderer change every time this game is played!

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We can add a personalized touch into your game! We can build puzzles to include your player names, company logos, pieces of office culture, or anything else you request! Make your team feel special, and give them something truly unique to bond over.

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