Great Team Building is an online corporate team building group that offers immersive and interactive escape room experiences designed to strengthen team collaboration and problem-solving skills in a virtual environment. And we help them have a lot of fun while doing it!

Our team is made of award-winning game designers and business consultants who have come together to improve how teams connect remotely. In tandem with our virtual experiences, we also provide consulting, team feedback, and concrete action plans to improve team performance and engagement.

Opening as Fantasy Escape Games in 2020, we are in the process of rebranding as Great Team Building. We aim to more accurately reflect our corporate team building niche, and plan to continue expanding our offerings beyond our original escape room games. You may find both logos on our site and in our experience trailers – rest assured that we are the same team of hosts, designers, and business consultants.

Our online escape rooms provide a virtual adventure where employees work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and complete challenges within the framework of a fun storyline. Players communicate and collaborate via their browsers, as well as a video calling platform of your choice (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Webex, Zoho, etc. We can accommodate any calling service.)


For The Dark Tower and Craven Manor: Your team will be guided through your adventure by a live host through a video calling platform of your choice. Draw on the screen and communicate your intentions with your game host to solve a variety of escape room-inspired puzzles. Though some puzzles have just one solution, many are open ended, and there are several ways to escape before time runs out. The only limit is your creativity and ability to work together.


For Space Defenders and Escape Planet X: Your team will use their browser to interact with the game directly. Using our event platform, they will click on various objects, manipulate aspects of puzzles, and discover clues using our game platform. Each member will join the game through their own computer, as well as a call on a video calling platform of your choice.

For Deadly Dining and our Murder Mystery Games: Your team will use their browser to select their character, as well as interact with other characters and solve puzzles. Using our event platform, they will click on various objects, manipulate aspects of puzzles, and discover clues using our game platform. Each member will join the game through their own computer, as well as a call on a video calling platform of your choice.

Our games are meticulously designed by a team of experts to provide authentic escape room experiences, unique murder mystery games, as well as any event your team can dream up, each translated seamlessly to an online format.


Our unique blend of logical puzzle solving and creative freedom of choice is what our players love most, but that’s not the only thing that makes our games different: 


Award Winning: Our games go above and beyond in delivering the best team building experience around. Our 5 star rated games have received several awards, including Bullseye awards for “Best Game” and “Best Cooperative Game.” Bullseye awards are internationally competitive awards given to the best escape room events designed each year.


Loved by hundreds: Companies around the world love Great Team Building! We’ve hosted 850+ teams, over 10,000 employees, and have received hundreds of 5 star reviews.


Social Emphasis: Games are designed for everyone in the group to be engaged, and provide for opportunities for all different types of players to be active participants. Interactive moments require creative group thinking, and not all players need to make the same choice, creating instances that require players to not only interact with the game, but also each other. Our puzzles are designed for groups to divide and conquer and then compare notes. Our Event Hosts’ goal is to have you not just enjoy interacting with them, but have lots of fun interacting with your entire group.


Interactive Design & Format: Our games are intentionally designed with an online format in mind. You won’t be following a person around in a room, who gets to touch all the things you can’t, but rather you’ll be exploring another world on an imaginative, digital adventure. Games are designed to engage all players in a group at once in a way that feels fun and natural online. 


Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Style: Even before the clock starts, your group will be making choices that affect the course of your game. Although some puzzles may have only one solution, there are limitless ways to get what you need from characters and places you encounter. Your group’s decisions will make your game’s adventure unlike any other group’s experience. 

Adjustable Levels of Puzzle Difficulty: Beginner? No problem. Looking for something more challenging? Your team is in luck! When booking, you can select a level of difficulty right for your group. Smaller groups who are newer to puzzling games can select Beginner level, while larger groups of experienced players looking for a challenge play our Expert level. Play a game that matches the difficulty of the experience you want. Team building should be fun, challenging, and rewarding, but never frustrating.

Before starting your game, you will receive an invite link to Zoom, where you and your team will meet with an Event Host. They’ll go over instructions and share the introductory narrative, giving you the premise and goal for your one-hour adventure. 


In each of our games, the Event Host’s role is a little different! In some games, they serve as an actor and guide; in others, they share videos and key clues. In every game, our Event Host serves as a live actor to help you solve puzzles, discover clues, and guide you through your adventure with laughs along the way.

In The Dark Tower and The Ghosts of Craven Manor, your Event Host/actor will be sharing their screen. They will display different images and sounds as they facilitate the game. The Event Host will describe the setting and details, using the images that appear on your screen as a visual guide. You won’t need to interact with anything directly on your screen, or point and click–instead, your group will tell the Event Host the decisions you make and puzzle solutions, and the Event Host will describe what happens and change what appears on your screen accordingly. The Event Host will also play all the characters you encounter, facilitating those interactions and choose-your-own-adventure-style moments. If you’ve played a facilitated role playing game before, our Event Host’s function is similar. 


In Space Defenders and Battle For Planet X, your Event Host serves as your Space Admiral guide. They will go over the instructions, rules, and story for your game, and situate you in our web-based game platform. You will solve puzzles, explore the area, and interact with characters using your cursor on your own, with the Event Host available to provide additional hints.

In Deadly Dining, your Event Host will guide you through the murder mystery, explaining the initial plot, and helping each player become familiar with the story. They will situate each player in our web-based game platform. The host will guide your team through selecting their characters, as well as reviewing the game’s instructions, rules, and story for your game. Additionally, the host will help move the story along and guide you through to discovering the murderer! 


In all of our games, if you need any hints, your Event Host (through a friendly character accompanying you) will provide clues. Your Event Host will also be giving you time warnings, so you know how close you are to escaping before your time runs out. 

No! Though for some experiences, such as our murder mystery events, we strongly recommend a minimum of 5 players, we can accommodate remote teams of any size. Whether you have a small group or a large team spread across different locations, we can reconfigure aspects of our game to match any size team. Our experiences can be tailored to ensure that everyone has a meaningful and enjoyable time, all while building important workplace connections you can miss out on when your team is apart.

No specialized equipment is needed–only a working web browser and a video call platform of your choice. Our platform is web-based, and participants can access and play our escape rooms using a standard internet browser on their computers. Some games also work on tablets and smartphones. If you are concerned about accessibility, please contact us about the specific devices to which you have access.

For a few of our events (Space Defenders, Deadly Dining), if you have a company firewall or other security, we will send you instructions before your game to make sure your participants can access all necessary web pages. 

When it comes to length, the length of your experience can be chosen by you! You can schedule your event for any length of time between 30 and 120 minutes, depending on what best fits into your schedule. Our events are expertly designed to perfectly fit your specified time window. Event length can be specified when booking.

Absolutely! We offer customization options for corporate clients and special events.

Most commonly, we offer:

-Building a unique puzzle out of each player’s unique name ($10+/name)
-Revealing a special company phrase or message ($50+)

Special Customizations
You can discuss your preferences and requirements with our dedicated team to tailor the game to your specific needs. We can build puzzles to include your player names, company logos, pieces of office culture, or anything else you request!
We can change your game to include customized interactive moments, or unique plot points. Make your team feel special, and give them something truly unique to bond over.  We can even draw your team members into the game! After the game, you even get to keep your custom artwork alongside a team photo.

Custom art modification requests may depend on our artists’ availability. We recommend making a request two weeks before your game, although we’re occasionally able to accommodate requests in as little as 24 hours. We are able to accommodate requests in different art styles.

Here are some customization requests we’ve done:

-Redesign a character in our game to look, act, and/or sound like a specific person–including team members, TV show characters, or even pets! 

-Change types of potion ingredients to specific things (“Jesse’s hair” or funny superlatives like “Sam’s Good Looks” or “Karen’s Smarts”)

-Redesign some of our puzzles based around specific objects, obsessions, or people: anything from cars to soccer balls to collectables like funko pops to pets to people’s faces in different poses

-Incorporate a specific object or type of puzzle into the game (custom-designing a puzzle around a specific idea)
-Change the spell words or word solutions throughout the game to be specific words, phrases, or names  

-Having a puzzle reveal a specific date, such as an anniversary or birth date

-Change our symbols puzzles to other symbols, such as favorite animals or other types of objects (or silhouettes of people’s faces, logos, countries, or landmarks)

-Change specific spell or potion powers gathered to specific powers someone may want

Yes, our online escape rooms and other team building events are ideal for remote teams. Participants can join the game from anywhere in the world and collaborate effectively while participating, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

Great Team Building’s online escape rooms are designed to enhance remote teams’ collaboration and communication skills by providing engaging challenges that require effective teamwork and problem-solving, regardless of team size or location. Team managers report experiencing their teams working better than ever after an event, interacting more frequently, and communicating more when it comes to solving problems. Connections in the office are important for reducing employee churn, and we can help solve that.

Our 90 minute version of Space Defenders is specifically designed to build team communication, strategy, and other team skills. In order to succeed, players must work together as a whole company, communicate quickly and well, and strategize together. Feel free to contact us to book a demo.

Our games are meticulously designed to keep all participants engaged and involved. We offer a variety of puzzles and challenges that require different skills, ensuring that every team member has a chance to contribute and shine. Your Event Host will also make sure every team member is able to engage and make their voice heard.

Yes, though most of our games are designed as collaborative experiences, we can incorporate elements of friendly competition into your remote team building experience. Whether it’s splitting into teams to tackle different puzzles or racing against the clock, our games can be adjusted to add a competitive edge.

Absolutely! We understand the challenges of coordinating teams across various time zones. You can schedule multiple sessions to accommodate different departments or regions, ensuring that all team members get to participate.

Certainly. Our platform is user-friendly and accessible. We provide clear instructions and support to ensure that even teams with limited tech experience can easily join and enjoy the escape room adventure.

We recommend starting with Ghosts of Craven Manor or Dark  Tower for those newer to video conferencing. 

Our referral program is designed to reward both you and whatever team you refer to Great Team Building for a team building event. Here’s how it works:

– When you refer someone to Great Team Building and they book an escape room experience, they will receive a $50 discount on their booking.

– In appreciation of your referral, we will make a $100 donation to a charity of your choice, all in your company’s name. This allows you to give back to causes that matter to you while enjoying the benefits of our immersive team-building activities.

To participate in our referral program, simply let your connections know about your experience with Great Team Building, and encourage them to mention your name when they book. We will take care of the rest and ensure that your referral is recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Booking a game is easy! Simply visit our website and navigate to the booking page for the event of your choice. Choose your preferred game, date, and time slot, and follow the instructions to secure your reservation. If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer support team is available to help.

If you wish to book for an event in less than 24 hours, or for a time not listed on our system, contact us.