Our Holiday Events & Experiences

Special Experiences for Special Days (and Special Teams!)

Winter Events

Fun Team Building For Your Christmas/Holiday Party

Saving Scrooge: A Holiday Haunt

You are spirits of Christmas Yet-to-Come, tasked with showing Scrooge the meaning of Christmas—but he’s putting up a fight!

The Cookie Chef Conundrum

Solve the case of the holiday cookie murder! Ask each other questions, and discover which among you is the murderer!

Build a Holiday Escape Room

Learn to build at at-home holiday escape room from a professional! Everyone will walk away having made a custom game to share with friends.

Santa's Space Force

Aliens have invaded, and they’ve stolen all of the Christmas presents! Adventure to planets, solve puzzles to get them back, and save Christmas.

A Nutcracker Tale

You’ve been framed, and time is running out. Escape prison, find the culprit and prove your innocence, and save the Land of Sweets in this Nutcracker-inspired game!

The Snow Queen's Curse

A dark power has taken a hold of the Snow Queen. You must stop her from cursing the land with an eternal winter before it’s too late.

Fall & Halloween Events

Spooky Experiences Perfect For Your Team

Ghosts of Craven manor

You and your family of ghosts took up residence in Craven Manor, but the neighbors have had enough, and hired an exorcist. Stop him from evicting you from your haunt!

Mystery in Monsterville

You’ve been framed for murder in Monsterville! Choose to play as vampires or werewolves and solve the case before you’re locked away for good!

Deadly Dining: A Comedic Mystery

Chef Connor E. Sewer was found dead in the dumpster! Everyone plays a role in this hilarious mystery. Which of you is the murderer?

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