Mystery in Monsterville

Escape Evil. Solve A Mystery. Save A Town

Play as vampires or werewolves to save Monsterville in this escape room meets choose-your-own-adventure game! 

You and your team have been framed for attacking the citizens of Monsterville! You must escape the town jail and discover the true culprit before dawn. Throughout the game, your team will work together and make choices to determine what actions to take, which characters to talk to, and which puzzles to solve.

Our live actor will play the roles of all the interesting characters you meet, and will adapt to your team and work with them to create a memorable experience that specifically fits your team! After all, there’s more than one way to solve the mystery and save the town.

Each game is facilitated by our live host/actor, who will play all of the interesting characters you encounter and facilitate fun teamwork from start to finish.  

Each player will actively use their device to explore Monsterville, maneuver objects, and solve puzzles.

All players are provided with a video call room via a platform of your choice to facilitate the game.

We have 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute games available for groups of all sizes

This game is recommended for teams of any size and designed for players newer to escape rooms mind, so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Each adventure is played within the same video meeting, or we can divide your team into smaller groups. Whatever works best for your team, we can make happen! You can tell us how you would like to split up your teams, or leave it to our best judgment.

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Want to Make Your Team Feel Really Special?

We can add a personalized touch into your game! We can build puzzles to include your player names, company logos, pieces of office culture, or anything else you request! Make your team feel special, and give them something truly unique to bond over.

Game Pricing

Base Rate (60 Minute Game)

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