The Cookie Chef Conundrum: Comedy Murder Mystery

Solve the case of the holiday cookie murder! This comedy game blends escape room and murder mystery together. Each guest takes on the role of a suspect to solve puzzles, ask each other questions, and discover which among them is the murderer!

Chef Connor E. Sewer, founder of the best 5-star holiday bakery in the world, was found dead in the dumpster! Each member of your group will take on the role of a suspect to ask each other questions, solve puzzles, and find which of you is the murderer! Mysterious cookie cults, mafia groups, and government agencies are all involved in this comic mystery.

Game Overview

This farcical, light-hearted murder mystery combines escape room elements with a theatrical murder mystery. Every player choses a scripted role and works together to solve the mystery. Every player has a special secret and important information related to the crime.

Players are provided with digital note-taking tools and a live host to help them find the killer with many laughs along the way. What hidden messages are in the bakery’s reviews? What color hat was the chef wearing when? And is that red stain really blood, or is it just red frosting?

*Playing with multiple groups? The clues and murderer change every time this game is played!* Groups larger than 22 players will be divided into multiple groups to each solve their own mystery.

Each player will need to play from their own computer or share a suspect role. This comedy game allows all players to actively participate and work together. 

Note: The Cookie Chef Conundrum is reimagined from Deadly Dining, and if you have played Deadly Dining, you will find similar characters and plot threads in this game. The murderer and evidence are still different every time! 

Game Pricing

Weekday - Before 6pm Pacific time