A Nutcracker Tale

Discover nutcrackers, aid sugar plum fairies, and save the Land of Sweets in this escape room meets choose-your-own-adventure game! You and your team have been framed for attacking the citizens in the magical Nutcracker world of the Land of Sweets! You must escape your restraints and discover the true culprit before dawn. 

Play as a type of sweet creature of your choice. Interact directly with your screen and live host to solve puzzles, help characters, and rescue a prince before it’s too late.

Throughout the game, your team will work together and make choices to determine what actions to take, which characters to talk to, and which puzzles to solve.

Our live actor will play the roles of all the characters you meet, and will adapt your game to create a memorable experience that specifically fits your team! 

Game Overview

Players will interact directly with a game link in a web browser, and will be able to move puzzle and game pieces on their screen.

This game includes a live actor host. Players will make interactive choices in a choose-your-own-adventure-like style during this game. While puzzles may only have one solution, your team can explore multiple creative ways to solve challenges or get what you need from characters. The options are limitless!

Groups larger than 10 players may be broken up into smaller teams unless you request otherwise.

Get creative! Many puzzles have solutions limited only by your imagination. Work with your team to come up with the best solution possible.

Note: A Nutcracker’s Tale is reimagined from Monsterville, and if you have played that game, you may have already experienced some of the possible outcomes and puzzles in this game.

Game Pricing

Weekday - Before 6pm Pacific time