Santa's Space Force

Aliens have invaded, and they’ve stolen all of the Christmas presents! Adventure to planets, solve puzzles to get them back, and save Christmas.

Your Mission: As part of the elite group of E.L.V.E.S. (Extraterrestrials Lifting Vexes for Extraterrestrial Santa) tasked with protecting Santa’s workshop, your job is to keep the presents safe and secure from threats from outer space. However, on Christmas Eve, an alien criminal on the naughty list broke through your security, stole all of Santa’s presents, and scattered them across a dozen planets. Now your crew must adventure into a myriad of terrains, uncover secrets, and reclaim these presents to save Christmas. And spread some holiday cheer along the way!

Players will solve puzzles and fun challenges throughout their adventure similar to a traditional escape room. 

This game won a 2021 Best Collaborative Escape Game Bullseye Award.

Game Overview

Each player will actively use their own computer to explore planets, maneuver objects, and solve puzzles. Players may even uncover the enemy’s hideout and engage in battle!

Each game is facilitated by our live hosts, who will assist the team with clues and laughs from start to finish. This game is our event that is most similar to a traditional escape room, without major character interactions iconic in our other games. 

Groups larger than 10 will play in both smaller groups of “Space Crews” and as a whole team. Small groups must overcome challenges together while strategizing and collaborating with the entire large team. No crew can do it alone, and you will need to communicate with each other crew to strategize, overcome challenges, and save the holidays before it’s too late.

Note: Santa’s Space Force is reimagined from Space Defenders, and if you have played that game, you may have already experienced some of the puzzles in this game.

Game Pricing

Weekday - Before 6pm Pacific time