Space Defenders

Winner of Bullseye’s 2021 “Best Cooperative Game” Award

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Journey Into The Cosmos

As part of an elite group of Space Defenders, your team uses ancient power crystals to keep the universe safe. However, an alien criminal calling herself Kryota stole these crystals and scattered them across a dozen planets. Now your crew must adventure into a myriad of terrains, uncover secrets, and reclaim these crystals to save the universe.

You’ll play in both smaller teams of “Space Crews” and as a whole group. Small teams must overcome challenges together while strategizing and collaborating with the entire large group. No crew can do it alone, and you will need to communicate with each other team to strategize, overcome challenges, and stop Kryota before it’s too late.

Each player will actively use their device to explore planets, maneuver objects, and solve puzzles. Players may even uncover Kryota’s hideout and engage in battle! ​

Warning: You may enjoy this so much, you’ll want to come back more than once. There’s no way you can see the entire universe in one sitting, after all.

Each game is facilitated by our live hosts, who will assist the team with clues and laughs from start to finish.

Choose to have everyone play together collaboratively OR have teams compete against one another! ​​

Each player will use their own computer. If this is not possible for your group, contact us so we can set up alternate arrangements ahead of time. 

All players are provided with video call rooms and a live chat between all teams. Players on the same Space Crew team will also be able to see each others’ cursors in the game.​

We have 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, and 120 minute experiences available for groups of all sizes. 

Groups larger than 8 people may be split into smaller teams of “Space Crews” for most of the game. You can tell us how you would like to split up your Space Crew teams, or leave it to our best judgement. They’ll all still be working together between teams during the game!

This game is recommended for large teams and designed for players newer to escape rooms mind, so everyone can enjoy the fun.

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We can add a personalized touch into your game! We can build puzzles to include your player names, company logos, pieces of office culture, or anything else you request! Make your team feel special, and give them something truly unique to bond over.

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