Team Development Workshops

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You already have a good team. make them a great one.

What could Your Team do at their best?

Picture this: Your team, firing on all cylinders, achieving remarkable feats, and having a blast while at it. That’s the recipe for success in today’s workplace. Teams that operate like well-oiled machines enjoy a slew of benefits, including heightened productivity, seamless collaboration, sky-high employee morale, and, let’s not forget, a boost in the ol’ bottom line.

But here’s the kicker: Many teams find themselves trudging through the mud, inching toward peak performance, only to slip back into the mediocrity abyss. Does this sound familiar?

🎯 Are your team’s communication hiccups akin to a traffic jam during rush hour, causing project delays that make you want to pull your hair out?

🤝 Do your team’s collaborations resemble a stew gone wrong, leaving your projects feeling more like a messy jigsaw puzzle than a masterpiece?

🤗 Is there a certain “je ne sais quoi” missing in your team’s connection and engagement with each other or their work?

💪 Or perhaps your team is doing well, but you’ve got that nagging feeling they could do even better? Yet, you find yourself wondering, “How on Earth do I nudge them to the next level?”

Well, here’s a tantalizing idea: Inject some fun into your team’s dynamics, and watch them soar to new heights of performance! Elevate your team’s game by adding a splash of excitement with a team development workshop to your upcoming event. It’s the secret sauce that turns good teams into truly exceptional ones. 🚀

Have Fun AND Build Team Skills

Each of our events are already designed to give teams a fun time and big morale boost. Take it to the next level with a team workshop, and build your team's skills while they are already bonding.

Work with an expert business consultant to analyze your team’s performance after your event. Based on your team’s experience, they will lead a workshop to take what you experienced in your fun outing and incorporate it into a development experience to make your team stronger.

Build your team in three key areas:
Strategic Skills

One of our team consultants will watch your team during your fun event, and analyze how team members work together. Then, your consultant will run a 30minute workshop with you or your whole team to improve team performance in three key areas.

We compare your team’s actions and data to the thousands of other teams we hosted to make informed, performance-boosting recommendations. No matter how your team performs, we analyze both what your team is doing well and areas in which they can improve.

Team development workshops can be added onto any of our other events. The workshop is run immediately following the event with either the manager or entire team.

Team Skills You'll Build:

Our consultants analyze three key areas: communication, strategic thinking, and culture.

How It Works

Add a Team Workshop onto any event when you book.

Book your fun event

Select "Add Team Workshop" when booking

Enjoy your fun event with a live host

A consultant runs your workshop immediately after

When you add a development workshop, we adjust our events to better reflect the needs of your team. If you have a specific area of focus, let us know beforehand so we can adjust your event accordingly.

When you add a team workshop to another event, pricing ranges from $10-$20/person depending on your team’s size.