Team Development

Retention & Engagement Development (R.E.D.) Program

Trusted By 850+ companies

Your Employee Engagement May Be Costing You.

Employee churn and a lack of engagement can be devastating to the productivity and success of your team.

Especially in a virtual environment, it’s easy for teams to feel disengaged, and when they do, their happiness at work dwindles, their work suffers, and eventually, they leave.

After working with 1000s of teams across 100s of virtual and hybrid companies, the R.E.D. program was created in response to the widespread and growing issue of employee dissatisfaction, lack of retention, and lack of engagement in the virtual workplace.

We’ve worked with 100s of teams to develop a team building program specifically geared towards improving engagement and culture.

Our Subconscious Team Building Program is guaranteed to help you boost employee retention, performance, and engagement this month – or you don’t pay.

It’s why companies like Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Spotify, Hubspot, Deloitte, Bank of America and 850+ more companies trust us to work with their teams. Because each employee you need to replace can cost your company upwards of 2X an employee’s annual salary. And engaged, high-performing teams can produce up to a 19% increase in revenue.

So how can we help you tap into this boost in team performance and avoid costly employee churn?

As soon as this week, we’ll run a team building event that works on developing your team’s communication and engagement at a subconscious level. Then based on their performance during the event, we’ll create an action plan customized to your team. Our events uniquely overcome employee retention and engagement problems, and we guarantee your team will feel more engaged by the end of our time working together.

How It Works:

Our analysis and engagement plan consists of three primary steps:

During the demo, we’ll show you how our event works, and start analyzing your team to create a game plan you can use immediately to increase your team’s engagement and communication.
Complete program rates usually range from $100-$220/person depending on your team’s size and exact needs.