The Dark Tower

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Stop An Evil Wizard

You and your group of fellow wizards must stop a dark sorcerer from completing his evil ritual in an hour’s time, dooming the land of Seradel. Gather new spells, overcome magical creatures, and battle a dark wizard before it’s too late!

Players will make interactive choices in a choose-your-own-adventure-like style during this game. While puzzles may only have one solution, your team can explore multiple creative ways to solve challenges or get what you need from characters. The options are limitless!

Our live actor and game facilitator guides the experience with images and characters that appear on your screen. In addition to solving puzzles, you will choose how to interact with live characters to uncover secrets and escape. 

Each game is facilitated by our live hosts, who will assist the team with clues and laughs from start to finish.  

All players are provided with a video call room via a platform of your choice to facilitate the game.

We have 45, 60, 75, and 90 minute games available for groups of all sizes

This game is recommended for small teams and designed for players newer to escape rooms mind, so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Groups larger than 10 people will be split into smaller teams unless otherwise requested. You can tell us how you would like to split up your teams, or leave it to our best judgment.

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Want to Make Your Team Feel Really Special?

We can add a personalized touch into your game! We can build puzzles to include your player names, company logos, pieces of office culture, or anything else you request! Make your team feel special, and give them something truly unique to bond over.

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